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Beginner Level: Skewered Soap Kabobs


Melt & Pour Skewered Soap Kabobs

Our staff had fun making these "kabob" soaps. We elected to use three of our top selling soap bases.... hemp oil, olive oil, and organic. We wanted an earthy feel so we used "earthy" pigments such as red, yellow, brown and orange oxide, plus a small amount of kelly green. Since this was an Asian themed soap, we picked scents with an Asian appeal, like Teak and Sandalwood, Green Tea, Bamboo & Green Tea.

For visual appeal and texture we added medium coarse sea salts, ground oats, and caraway seed. We were pretty happy with the results. I am hoping that the pictorial video we put together will inspire. How about a fruit kabob or chocolate fondue kabobs? Try adding some ground loofah for texture, or botanicals.

If you don't want to use bamboo skewers, use a large-eye needle (found at most craft stores) and thread the soap pieces onto hemp, raffia, or natural jute cord.




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