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Beginner Level: Life Like "Hand" Soap


Life-Like Hand Soap

Now here's a bar of hand soap you can literally shake hands with. One thing's for certain; your house guests can't possibly miss it in the powder room. For heaven's sake! Why put out all those cutesy little guest soaps when you can put out a friendly, giant size hand?

This whole project evovled because my 4 1/2 year old grandson wanted to help me make soap. He insisted on wearing latex gloves just like NeeNee (between you and me... the only reason he wanted to help was to wear the gloves). Within minutes he became bored with the whole project until I suggested we make a "hand" soap using one of the latex gloves he was wearing. This immediately piqued his interest. Here is the result of our hands-on project (Yes, pun was intended!)





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