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Beginner Level: Iridescent Sea Shell Soaps


Melt & Pour Iridescent Sea Shell Soaps

These beautiful iridescent shells were simple to make with our Liquid Gels and powdered mica colors.

Large Shell


Here's what you need:


2 cups Clear Glycerine Soap

Several table spoons

3 or 4 craft paint brushes (two or three 1/4" wide brushes and one 1" wide brush)

Mold Market Large Shell and Fanned Shell molds
These molds can be purchased at MoldMarket.com

Mica Powders in assorted shades- we used Pearl Violet, Pearl Blue, Pearl Pink, Pearl Green and Fine White Sparkle. We purchased the mica powder from www.goplanetearth.com.

Liquid Gel Colors- Pearl White, Pearl Pink, Blue Silk, Radiant Gold, Sparkle Gold. These colors are available at www.GoPlanetEarth.com.

Fragrance of your choice.

Sounds like a lot of product, but you will be amazed at how very very little you need of each! Since the mica powders are only rushed on, they last forever and can be used for so many other projects.



Step One
Set out the tubs of pearl micas. Dip in ¼” brushes, and sprinkle and/or brush in molds. Mix colors. Have fun! (you don't need to cover the mold surface). Hint: so as not to get micas mixed in their tub, I gently tap the open tub on my sink counter – so a little pile comes out. I dip my brushes, then, into the piles so if the colors get mixed, it doesn't matter.

Iridescent Shell Soaps

Step Two
Melt your base, and divide it among 4 glass measuring cups. Add a small amount of the liquid gel color #1 into measuring cup 1 and mix with spoon. Continue adding colorant to each measuring cup until you have 4 different soap colors. Hint: You don't need to get the color very deep – in fact – if it's too deep it will overpower the micas. Light transparent color is good!

Step Three
Pour soap colors in graduated layers into the molds you have ;pretreated' with the micas. Pour a small amount of color #1 into the mold cavity. Tilting the mold at different angles for each color pour will give greater color display.

You can pour two colors at the same time. To make this work, make sure your soap base has cooled to 120° to 125° F. You don't want the colors melting into each other; the colors should softly blend together.

Step Four
Cool poured soaps completely before releasing them from the mold. If you think you want a little more shimmer and sheen, apply additional mica powder to the surface of finished soaps. Use a gentle circular motion with a wide paint brush.

You can also use this same technique for loaf style soaps. The powder and liquid colors disperse and display themselves in so many different ways throughout the loaf and lend an element of surprise to every loaf slice.

That's it! You are done! And – just like at the beach – no two shells are ever the same!

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