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Beginner Level: How to Color Sea Salts


How to Color Sea Salts

It's easy as 1-2-3. Color your bath or spa salts with GoPlanetEarth's salt dyes. Here are easy instructions.

WAtch free tutorial:

Here's what you need:

Supplies listed in the tutorial were purchased from www.GoPlanetEarth.com

  1. Medium Coarse Sea Salt

  2. Fragrance Oil

  3. Pipette

  4. Latex Gloves

  5. Glass Measuring Cup

  6. Sea Salt Dyes

  7. Zipper Plastic Bag




Step One

Measure Sea Salts

Measure sea salts. In this project we used 1/2 cup of medium-coarse salts.

Step Two

Add Salt Dye to water in a 50/50 ratio

Add salt dye to water in a 50/50 ratio. For a more intense color, add less water. Salt dye can be used with NO water, if desired. It may be more difficult to incorporate color if water is not mixed with the dye. Do not add TOO MUCH water to dye.

Step Three

Add fragrance oil to salt dye.

Add fragrance oil to salt dye. We added 1 full pipette dropper.

Step Four

Add fragrance salt dye to sea salts.

Pour sea salts into zipper bag. Add fragranced salt dye to sea salts.

Step Five

Smush color into salts

Smush color into sea salts and package.

Finished Colored Sea Salt



Salt Tubes

Sea Salt Parfait


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